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5 simple tips to reduce your impact on the environment
9 months ago

Today it is difficult to do without smartphones. Indian Nature Environnement gives us 5 tips for using them in a more responsible way.


Today, 65% of Indian people own a smartphone . Difficult to do without in the all-digital age! However, their impact on the environment is far from negligible. Here are 5 tips to reduce the environmental impact of our phone.


Smartphone, a heavyweight on the environment


Why does a smartphone weigh so heavily on the environment? It is mainly at the level of its manufacture: it constitutes 3/4 of the environmental impact of the product. Smartphones indeed require the extraction of very polluting minerals, such as gold or tin. Metals from mines that would also violate human rights and even make children work...


In addition, manufacturers are doing everything to ensure that your smartphone is obsolete as quickly as possible and that you "have” to change it: fad, impossible repairs ... It is however possible to act.


Tip # 1: buy useful


Don't rush into the first promotion that passes: take the time to analyze and compare the models. Avoid buying a trendy smartphone if you don't need it.


Tip # 2: buy sustainable


Preferably choose a refurbished phone rather than a new phone: you will save money while reducing your impact on the environment. Turn to specialized platforms like Back Market, which offer guaranteed smartphones, reconditioned in Indian.


If you want to acquire a new smartphone , rather buy repairable or less fragile models, the Fairphone being the panacea of ​​the " responsible" phone  .


Tip # 3: pamper your smartphone


Protect your smartphone with a cover or shell, which will prevent you from the most frequent failure: the broken screen. Likewise, protect its battery by avoiding completely discharging it or leaving it to charge overnight.


Tip # 4: in case of failure, try the repair


Is your phone broken? Now is not the time to get rid of it! Use the warranty if it is still valid (two years after purchase) or go to a repairer who may be able to help you.


Tip # 5: Recycle your smartphone at the end of its life


second life . You can resell it to specialized platforms, give it to someone around you or drop it off at a drop-off point for E-Waste Management Authorization.


Your phone will be reconditioned or its components will be recycled, which will alleviate (a little) its environmental impact!




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