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Domain verification and registration Complete guide
almost 3 years ago


Read our guide on how to find out if a domain is available and what you need to do to buy it and register it correctly.

Proceeding with the registration of the domain is a fundamental step for those who intend to create a website. Before completing this step, however, it is necessary to verify that the chosen domain has not already been previously registered by someone. Let's now discover all the operations to be performed.


What is a domain and what is it for?


Before proceeding with the verification of free domains, it is important to know what a domain is and what it is used for . From a purely technical point of view, this is a name associated with a physical IP address on the Internet. In a more practical sense, the domain of a website is what appears after the "www." in the address bar and which uniquely identifies the website itself, thus allowing users to access it.


Choosing the right domain name for a site isn't easy, but there are some precise rules to keep in mind. In order for it to be successful both in terms of positioning on search engines and as regards "word of mouth", it is necessary to choose a domain that is easy to write, read and memorize, as well as as specific as possible. Furthermore, acronyms and dashes should be avoided.


Verification of free domains

On the Net there are several sites through which it is possible to carry out a verification of the domain , necessary to understand if it has already been registered or not by someone previously.


Among the most used tools in this sense are DrWhois and GoDaddy . The latter site has an easy-to-understand interface and allows you with a few clicks to check the possibility of purchasing the chosen domain (as it is free). Furthermore, in the event that the chosen domain should instead be already occupied, the site provides some alternative suggestions (such as different extensions or similar words).


Even in the event that the domain should be free, it is good to make sure that it has a good reputation on the web . In fact, if in the past it has been penalized by Google for some reason, it may be difficult for those who register it later to obtain a good positioning on the search engine. On the internet, even in this case, there are ad hoc platforms useful for verifying this aspect, such as the penalty indicator Website Penalty Indicator .


How to register a domain


The web offers countless services for registering a web domain. It is possible, for example, to purchase hosting packages with domain registration included or, alternatively, to register only the domain and choose a separate hosting (possibly, even later).


Some hosting services allow you to register a domain for free. These domains, however, are generally third level and not second (ie www.yourname.serviziodihosting.it and not www.yourname.com).


The costs for the purchase of a domain vary according to several factors, including the chosen extension, and each platform offers its price and offers for Website Development services.


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