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Facebook Page for Ecommerce: What It Is For and How to Creat
almost 3 years ago

Creating a facebook page for an ecommerce is a very useful solution to increase the business of your business: here is a guide on how to do it correctly and effectively.

For those who own an ecommerce, opening a Facebook page linked to their business is a fundamental step because it allows you to give more visibility to your products, increase visits to your site and build a solid community to turn to. For those who want to sell with social networks, it is important to lay the foundations for creating an effective and precise online promotion: here's how to properly open a facebook page for ecommerce .

How to open a facebook page for ecommerce

When asked which is the most suitable social network for those who own a digital store, social media marketing experts respond by advising to open a Facebook Fan Page for ecommerce. Here are the main steps to follow:

  1. As a first step, you need to access com / pages / create and follow all the procedure that is indicated. The part that requires more care is the choice of the page: it is necessary to go to the item Company or Brand, enter the name of the brand and then choose the type of activity: the drop-down menu provides a large amount of advice among which you can search. After this part, the sequence of actions requested by Facebook must be concluded.
  2. After the facebook page for ecommerce has been created you must correctly fill in all the information fields that are necessary to allow the public to understand everything about the brand. As a profile image it is advisable to insert the logo and as a cover image or a corporate video or a graphic with the corporate claim. On Facebook, as in general on other social networks, it is very important to present yourself with a coordinated, coherent and appealing visual, therefore the production of the necessary material to insert profile and cover image must be made in a careful and professional way: nothing must be left to chance.
  3. Concluded this part where the facebook page was created and optimized in terms of visual and information, it is necessary to perform the most important step for those who have an online sales activity. Through a specific function it is possible to create an ecommerce on Facebook: you have to go to setup, then to edit page and activate the tab dedicated to the showcase. After this part, in the Facebook page menu there is a section in which to insert the products, with a simple click on the reference box. The most useful aspect is that each card can be filled in with more info, including image, product description and price, just like on a normal ecommerce. Do not forget to add the direct link to the product page on ecommerce or on the sales platform such as Amazon.

Tips for the content creation of a Facebook page for ecommerce

After completing the procedure for opening the facebook page for ecommerce , one should not think that the work on social media is finished and that the products are sold independently. The showcase on the fan page is important, but it is not the only step to take: to have good results in terms of visibility, interactions and traffic on the website, it is essential to create a community of people interested in the product and loyal to the brand.

To do this, it is necessary to create an editorial plan of content that must be shared on a weekly basis. These contents must not be simply product photo shares, but stories designed to engage and delight the user. These contents can be of different types:

  • Sharing of corporate blog articles or authoritative sources;
  • Graphics and infographics that explain the brand and the pluses of the product;
  • Mood images that create a suggestion in the viewer;
  • Animated videos or behind the scenes videos of those who make the product;
  • Branded gif videos;
  • Product photo galleries.

On a social network like Facebook it is possible to range with creativity, following the social media trends of the moment and creating content that is unique and appealing.

Facebook ads: how to promote the contents of a facebook page for ecommerce

After this content creation work, in which visual and copy must be part of an integrated strategy with medium and long term objectives, another fundamental aspect for the efficient management of a facebook page for ecommerce are the sponsorship campaigns.

Through these campaigns, which require an economic investment on the platform and on the professional who must carry them out, it is possible to achieve a series of objectives such as increasing the fanbase of the Facebook page, a greater number of interactions in the posts, the increase of traffic to the ecommerce and many others.

Here are the best Facebook Ads strategies to be put in place to allow a business to take off:

The dynamic product ads have the second chance to convert a visitor to a site in a customer, showing him ad hoc ads that are made based on the products that the user has seen on ecommerce. Thanks to the pre-created templates, you do not have to manually create an ad for each product in the catalog: the templates directly take care of it, dynamically inserting the images, product name, price and everything you need. Identifying the right target is the other important step: for this type of sponsorship campaign it is advisable to create different audiences, one relating to visitors who have seen a certain product, one relating to visitors who have added a certain product to the cart and finally one relating to visitors who have abandoned the purchase;

The announcements multi product on Facebook promotion, who has a page with a showcase, to show more than one product in a single ad . These types of ads can be important in the sales strategy because they provide users with more options to choose from, help increase conversions and can be used to show users the different benefits of a single product. On a technical level, multi-product adverts are adverts with carousel and can bring really useful results to an ecommerce.

for those of us on Facebook on ecommerce , another type of useful sponsorship campaign is that of remarketing which can increase the conversion rate by up to 150%.

Facebook for ecommerce: the importance of reading data

To carry out a positive digital marketing strategy through the use of a platform such as Facebook, the work carried out both in terms of published content and sponsorship campaigns carried out is fundamental. For this reason, it is important to become familiar with the insight tool, which consists of a set of data that offers a free overview of the audience of the page, which are the best performing posts, which are less and much more.

Understanding the information that the data suggests is not a step that can be overlooked , therefore those who do not have the time or skills to do it must turn to a digital analyst. Through the monthly study of the data and a constant comparison with the history of the page, it is possible to understand which are the strongest contents and which are the weakest ones, creating an updated and performing communication strategy.

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Another very important fact is the one concerning the public: through the nsights of the facebook page it is possible to find out if the public is predominantly male or female, what is the most reactive age group and the origin of the users who follow the page.

Also as regards sponsorship campaigns, Facebook releases the data regarding the budget spent and the objectives achieved: ignoring this information means not being aware of the progress of its advertising strategy and its investments.

Why Choose Facebook to Sell On An Ecommerce

Choosing Facebook as a support platform for your ecommerce can lead to a series of concrete and above all measurable results over time . Here is how to create, through this social network, concrete advantages for an online shop:

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on the ecommerce facebook page it is possible to create exclusive discount codes for fans, allowing on the one hand to rapidly increase sales on the site, on the other providing them with a valid reason to assiduously follow the fan page in search of new promotions .

The e-commerce facebook page is increasingly also a customer care and CRM tool that customers use daily to ask questions and submit complaints that must be moderate in order not to damage their online brand reputation .

Creating advertisements for different types of target ensures that you get an immediate response in terms of traffic to the site, interactions with the posts on the page and requests for offers or direct purchases on the site.

At the moment in USA it is not yet possible to sell products directly through Facebook, but this feature is being tested in the United States so probably in a short time it will also be operational at a national level.

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