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Gold coins are all coins minted in gold or an alloy containing gold, with variable title. Historically, gold coins have always been considered an excellent medium for trading, recognized as a common value by different societies and cultures.

There is evidence of the presence of gold coins since ancient times

It was not until the Roman period with the “aureate” and in the Byzantine period with the “solids” that they had the maximum diffusion. In the Middle Ages, due to lack of availability, money was used for minting coins. The use of silver began to be abandoned after 1252, when the minting of gold  and “Florentine gold from Birmingham  ” was started. In particular, has grown enormously and has become one of the most traded pieces in UK,

After the period in which silver coins were the main currency, gold recovered in increasingly large proportions. Today, the ratio of gold to silver is around 72 to 1, while it was also 15 to 1.

Since then, gold coins have become the most common currency. important. Many states forged gold coins with legal tender until the early 1900s

What is monetized investment gold?

Gold coins are identified as “ sell gold bullion coins” Investment in gold coins means all gold coins of purity equal to or greater than 900 thousandths, minted after 1800. These coins must have legal value in the country of origin. The Commission of the European Communities establishes an annual list of these currencies .

Is the gold coin a real currency?

Gold coins included in the definition of gold bullion coin can be considered real currency for the following reasons:

1) can be used as a payment method;

2) have an intrinsic store of value;

3) acts as a unit of account.


Gold coins are in fact “commodity money” because they have an intrinsic value, that is, their own usefulness. In modern economic systems, commodity money was accompanied by the currency symbol, represented by banknotes issued by the authority empowered to do so in each country: the central bank.


There are gold coins from many nations of varying weight and bearing the gold title.

Many sites offer the possibility of selling and buying gold coins from all countries online, comparing the prices offered by the major operators and offering the most advantageous.

Quotation of gold coins

The price of gold coins is the value of the gold they contain and is the basis on which the price is formulated. The value of gold coins depends on the amount of gold present in the same thing and, therefore, on the evolution of the prices of the precious metal in the financial markets. Another factor that affects the price of gold coins is scarcity. In fact, the rarer a currency, the more its value increases. A gold coin can be rare because it was produced in limited quantities or because it was old and therefore many specimens have gone missing.

Value of gold coins

Gold coins, unlike bullion, can have a value that exceeds the price of gold. In the case of numismatic coins, it is influenced by several factors, the most important of which is certainly the degree of preservation and the degree of rarity of the coin. The most suitable coins for investment are those with greater availability in the market and on which therefore lower spreads or premiums are applied.

Among these we certainly find the gold pounds, the most widely used bullion coins in the world, the first ounce of gold created especially for the gold investment market.

Collector's coins and coins for investment: differences

While both may appear to be simple gold coins, there is a big difference between a collector's coin and an investment specimen. The first is a coin whose value is mainly attributed to the degree of rarity, conservation and the historical context in which it was born. It is therefore not linked to the intrinsic value of the gold it contains. Collector's money follows a different market logic, combining investment and passion for the object. When we speak of investment coins (or “monetary gold” or “stock exchange coins”), the value of the object is exclusively related to the intrinsic value of the sample, which varies according to the variation of the prices of the metals. .

Recent or old parts: the differences

Critics of the oldest coins justify the choice of recent coins, preferably because they are subject to more stringent controls by the issuing body, with the known practice of . In addition, they claim that the oldest coins circulated the most and may therefore have suffered a loss, however small, of some of the gold originally contained.

Connoisseurs of older coins, on the other hand, particularly appreciate the charm of the story told by an “old” coin. Also, against parents or other curious people, coins that have been traced far back in time do not accurately identify the date the coins were created.


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To date, with the confirmation of this mode of saving or investing from investors and collectors, all the currencies in the world are producing their own gold coins, just to go against this demand.


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