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How to write the product sheet of an e-commerce
almost 3 years ago

An optimized and effective product sheet is able to make the difference in the positioning on search engines and, consequently, in ecommerce conversions. It is what allows you to:


  • Capture the user's attention
  • Entice him to read and induce him to action, then to purchase
  • Consolidate the brand reputation , giving way to create a bond and a relationship of trust with customers
  • Push the undecided to purchase by offering an engaging story and shopping experience

What is the product sheet of an ecommerce

By product card of an ecommerce we mean the page that contains the description of the item on sale, that is, the last one that the user views before possibly proceeding with the purchase.


The basic elements of an ecommerce product sheet are few but important:


the name of the product , which must identify and describe immediately and clearly what is being offered;

the description of the product , which must include its physical and technical characteristics, the methods of use and the benefits and advantages it can offer to those who buy it;

the images and / or videos of the product , which must provide additional information on the product, in order to allow the user to get a clearer idea of ​​what he could buy;

the price of the product , with a specific specification for any current discounts and promotions.

The main factors that determine the success of an ecommerce product sheet are essentially three:


Persuasive copywriting ;

User Experience ;


Tips for optimizing a product sheet

E-commerce product sheet: site optimization

Let's start with the optimization of the site hosting the product sheet.

It must first present the SSL certificate that allows you to switch from http to https, as potential consumers must feel safe on an e-commerce platform since they will have to leave their sensitive data there.

Secondly, the page needs to load quickly . A user forced to wait a long time for the page to load completely will most likely lose his patience and close the page to turn to another resource on the competing web.

The site must also be responsive , that is, able to automatically adapt graphically to the device on which it is displayed.

E-commerce product sheet: SEO optimization

As for the more specific SEO nyc area , an ecommerce product sheet that is considered effective must present:

Asimple title containing the keyword (for example: women's red sweater);

a descriptive text no less than 150 words long containing the main and related or secondary keywords, or keywords that are part of the same semantic area as the main and are therefore connected to them (for example: high-necked red mallet);

Tag Title , that is the title that reads the search engine (the one that appears in the SERP, the list of search results on which you can click to get to the web page). This too must contain the main keyword, have a length between 60/70 characters and be different for each product sheet;

Meta Description - unique and original like the Tag Title - must include a persuasive lever to push the user into action. In this regard, it is very useful to insert any current promotions or discounts into the Meta Description.

Even the images, both professional ones - that is, those that only portray the product from multiple points of view and that focus on the details - and contextual ones - that is, those in which the object is portrayed in its context of use - must be optimized from an SEO point of view:

they must have small dimensions (it is necessary to find the right compromise between weight and shooting quality)

  • Must be renamed using the product name (having the keyword in the file name is a positioning factor)
  • Must include both the product name and any secondary keywords in the alt text attribute

E-commerce product sheet: the User Experience

Let's now analyze the aspect of the User Experience . The user's purchase path must be made as easy as possible: for this reason, it is very important to foresee the questions of the potential buyer and provide him with all the information and tools to proceed with his choice.


For example, in the specific case of a clothing store, it is necessary to provide ad hoc buttons for choosing the color of the dress, the size and the number of items to buy.

Testimonials, ratings, reviews and any other expedient that can help the user to proceed towards the purchase are welcome, as well as related products that allow the potential buyer to discover other products.


The button "Add to Cart" , finally, it must be placed in a clearly visible position (on any device page is displayed) and must indicate in a clear and not misunderstood the requested action to the user.


Tips for writing a product sheet

Let's now get to the heart of the analysis of the product sheets for ecommerce and how to write them .


First of all, it is good to avoid the "text wall" effect , that is, to use long descriptions that inevitably tire the user's eyes and make reading difficult.

More useful is:


  • Divide the text into paragraphs ;
  • Use bold characters to give greater emphasis to the most relevant concepts;
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists to summarize the main characteristics of the product.

More than on the technical characteristics of the product, however, the text of an ecommerce card must focus more on the benefits that the product itself is able to bring to those who buy it. In fact, people are looking for answers and solutions to their specific problems and needs. For this reason, it is advisable to move the less incisive technical details to the lower part of the text, giving priority to the USP (Unique Selling Proposition, that is, the peculiarity and the distinctive feature that makes the product unique and indispensable).


Then, we must go directly to the potential customer , trying to establish a direct dialogue with him through a clear and simple language and a tone of voice in line with both the positioning of the Brand and that which identifies the audience. The use of "you" is preferable in these cases, but as mentioned, it is necessary to evaluate its consistency with the tone of voice of the brand and its customer base.


To entice the user to carry out the purchase action, it is necessary both to "touch" his rational part with the pure and simple description of the technical characteristics of the product and to stir his emotions with an evocative storytelling .


The goal is to make even the most ordinary product attractive. Be careful, however, not to overdo adjectives and pindaric flights: the risk, in fact, is to confuse or even annoy the potential buyer.


Honesty and transparency are two principles that must never fail when dealing with their actual and potential customers, because they are the ones that will then bring the respect of consumers and credibility in the market to the Brand.


E-commerce product sheet: which mistakes to avoid

The tendency to underestimate the impact on sales of an ecommerce product sheet written in an optimized and effective way has given rise to numerous errors in the compilation of the same.


For example, many ecommerce managers limit themselves to copying product data sheets from other web pages or, if they sell products of various brands, directly from the websites of the manufacturing companies.

Make an E-commerce Website Design Services

This practice, as frequent as it is harmful, penalizes visibility on search engines. Google, in fact, does not tolerate and penalize web pages that host duplicate content from other sites.


The aforementioned error is just one of many that concerns the SEO aspect which, as mentioned, is one of the factors capable of determining the success of a product page and, therefore, of the ecommerce to which it refers. In fact, many descriptions of product data sheets on the web do not even meet the basic requirements for search engine optimization.


Finally, it happens all too often that the product sheets of ecommerce are the result of no evocative and persuasive element, that is capable of attracting the attention of the potential customer.

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