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Internal Auditing: definition and purpose of internal auditi
almost 3 years ago

What's this?


Internal Auditing is an internal audit activity that is carried out by professionals in business consultancy and assistance to learn about the dynamics present in the companies monitored and facilitates the achievement of the objectives of the companies themselves.


This project can only be carried out by consultants who are outside the company organization in order to be able to examine objectively, without personal involvement due to their role, all that concerns the organization of human resources and their roles.

The approach to assess the situation within the company must be systematic to be able to be of real help in the best organization of all the internal processes of the company, in order to be able to better manage the processes of control and management of risk situations.


The auditors in Dubai consultant has the task of bringing to the attention of the top management what are the dynamics within the company that must be changed: for example, the relationship that is defective due to some kind of misunderstanding between departments or between various employees that can lead to slowdowns in work or related administrative practices.


Other topics to be evaluated by the auditor are:


  1. the analysis of the corporate balance sheet and on which areas of expenditure one must intervene;
  2. create conditions for improving the efficiency of society;
  3. Study a control system to prevent hypothetical fraud.


What is it for?


The Internal Auditor is not an intruder who asks unpleasant questions and intrudes into company dynamics, it is important for all company components (both employees and top management) to accept his presence and collaborate with objectivity and sincerity, not hiding no aspect of their work, even with regard to relations between colleagues.


The Auditor must have all the means available to intervene and advice regarding the entire company organization, operating thanks to:


  1. establishment of a corporate control system;
  2. management of unexpected contingent liabilities;
  3. risk analysis;
  4. reduction of the relationship between cost and risk;
  5. Analysis of financial assets to minimize credit losses.


In practice, a good organization of work and its control with disenchanted and autonomous eyes can only benefit all company mechanisms.



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