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Pros and cons of a site created with WordPress
almost 3 years ago

WordPress was developed and distributed as a blogging platform . Today, however, it is the most popular solution for any type of website, thanks to its high level of adaptability and the infinite number of extensions available to users. If you have in mind to create a site with WordPress , you need to know both its strengths and weaknesses, in order to determine if it is really the best solution you can rely on.

Creating a site with WordPress: the pros


Let's start in the first place with a very important advantage related to Cms WordPress: since it is an open source platform , both the basic system and the subsequent updates are free of charge, unlike the similar proprietary solutions.

In other words, it is possible to download them for free from the official website and benefit from subsequent updates, always free of charge. Once WordPress is installed, simply purchase a template or even opt for a graphic design at zero cost to have a complete and performing website.

Practicality and rapidity of development

It is a very simple solution , in the sense that you can create a site from scratch with WordPress without being a web devoleper. The installation of the CMS is carried out in a few steps and, in a short period of time, you have the possibility of having an operating site.

WordPress, as mentioned, is very intuitive even for those who are not familiar with programming languages. In some days - therefore - it will be possible to use the bulletin board and its various sections without problems. Thanks to this CMS - we remind you - content management is really a breeze!

The community

The third advantage that we must underline is that, being a very popular and widespread platform, there is a dedicated community for WordPress . It is present both in forums and on social groups. This circumstance allows you to receive constant support from other users to solve any problems in no time.


Another point in favor of WordPress is represented by plugins , that is pieces of code that allow you to increase the functionality of the site and make it more performing.


Plugins, in fact, a bit like applications that are downloaded on smartphones, are able to enhance the website : for example they can add additional functions to the text editor, but they are also able to transform the site into an online store.

Other plugins, then, are not visible in the frontend and are aimed at making the site more efficient and performing: think, for example, of those that increase the speed of loading images.

Making a site with WordPress: the cons

WordPress limits

Especially in the case of more ambitious and complex projects, WordPress may not be the ideal solution. Think, for example, of a multi-language site or of cases where personalization of the code is necessary.

Too many plugins can be counterproductive

While it is true on the one hand that plugins are a quick solution to increase the functionality of the site according to your specific needs, on the other hand it is necessary to go with lead feet when adding new extensions. The excess plugins, in fact:

  • Influence the response time of the server;
  • They involve additional javascript and css files for the pages of a site;
  • Adversely affect optimization.

How convenient is a WordPress site in terms of security

Whatever the reason why you have in mind to create a site with WordPress , one of the most important variables to take care of is that related to security .

From this point of view, the platform offers a chiaroscuro balance: on the one hand, in fact, it should be borne in mind that the code that is used for the creation of the platform in itself boasts rather high safety standards.

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On the other hand, however, it is an open source platform: this means that the codes can be consulted by everyone, not excluding hackers. On the other hand, the template and plugin codes are also open source. With this data, an expert hacker can identify any flaws and violate sites created in WordPress.

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